Enterprise Loyalty, Promotion Engine

Embrace unlimited creativity to build loyalty, promotion that truly connect with your customers



The comprehensive toolset for creating personalized customer loyalty campaigns through a flexible accumulation-focus model, focuses on nurturing current customers, enhancing conversions, and re-engaging old customers with just one tool.

Redemption offers
Enhancing customer experience through various point-earning activities such as successful transactions, playing games, completing tasks, challenges, etc.
CardLinked offers (CLO)
Effortlessly handle diverse benefits linked to user card payments, allowing them to receive discounts, cashback... seamlessly enhancing their shopping experience.
Dynamic attributes
Flexibly manage dynamic attribute lists and customize offers to meet specific business requirements, even in complicated scenarios.

Fully-integrated toolset of LoyaltyOS


Collect and Utilize Customer Data

Collect client information from all of your sales & marketing channels automatically and then use that data to build loyalty programs.

Establishing master database

Classify various types of promotions (including points, discounts, vouchers, and product gifts) based on a wide range of channel activities - such as purchases, online reviews, app downloads...


Attracting customers

Get your customers to take part in exciting games and competitions where they challenge themselves and learn more about your brand and its values.Add badges, progress bars and leaderboards to create a fun and exciting environment where members can compete for special prizes and extra points.

Reward Your Customers

Recognize your clients for their engagement in your brand by presenting them with monetary, experiential (ex. free shipping or access to special content/events), and emotional rewards.


Why Choose Utop?

Graphic Open architecture design
An open architecture design helps manage a list of attributes and offers flexibly, depending on the usage needs of each business.
Graphic Mini CDP Platform
Integrating with a CDP platform allows for the creation of personalized 1-1 lead nurturing and multichannel interaction in real-time.
Graphic The system Scalability
Open architecture enables deploying and operating campaigns in complex organizations with multiple subsidiaries and brands.

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