Unlock the Potential of D2C with GenAI Search

Build a thriving marketplace with a next-generation search engine for a seamless buyer journey.



Empower your D2C platform with AI-powered search that understands your customers and delivers personalized results.

Graphic Predictive Product Matching
GenAI uses advanced algorithms to predict customer needs, suggesting relevant products before they even search.
Graphic Conversational Search
Enable natural language interactions. Answer customer questions directly within the platform and streamline support.
Graphic Future-Proof Growth
Built for scalability, GenAI adapts to your D2C platform's growth, ensuring a future-proof experience.

Transform D2C with GenAI Search: Unmatched Customer Experience


Personalized Shopping Journeys

Deliver targeted product recommendations based on past purchases and browsing behavior.

Increase customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Effortless Customer Interactions

Empower customers to find answers instantly through conversational search.

Reduce support ticket volume and improve response times.

Offer multilingual support for a global audience.


Scalable and Adaptive

Stay ahead with our future-proof technology that scales and adapts to evolving market demands.

Seamlessly integrate new features and functionalities as your business grows.

Why Choose Utop?

Graphic No coding
Best simplify the work of a programming team. Fewer steps to build marketing campaigns with available templates.
Graphic Mini CDP Platform
Integrating with a CDP platform allows for the creation of personalized 1-1 lead nurturing and multichannel interaction in real-time.
Graphic Personalized engagement
Interact with shoppers in real-time, shaping their actions through tailored engagement based on individual behavior.

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