Find out how we supports businesses

Find out how Utop supports businesses in increasing revenue and improving the loyalty of customers



Create direct personalized campaigns to increase multi-channel sales and loyal customers.

Collect shopping information to understand shopping behavior through information data on purchasing invoices.

Re-engage customers who haven’t been active for a while with the list of promotions and automate 1-on-1 interactions.

Introducing new products to current customers in the most suitable way.


Building member loyalty, increasing traffic and boosting sales at stores.

Drive more traffic to your store with exclusive offers delivered via text messages.

Segment your audience by geographic location for location-specific campaigns and invite them to exclusive in-store events or promotions.



Take care of current members to build loyalty for the brand.

Retain members through interesting gratitude activities with an online rewards system.

Maintain connection with customers with an integrated interactive games system.

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