Empower Your Teams With Instant Knowledge

AI Assist answers your specific business questions across departments, boosting productivity and streamlining workflows.



AI Assist provides on-demand knowledge access for all departments. Ask questions, get answers, and streamline workflows with department-specific expertise at your fingertips.

Graphic Departmental Knowledge Base
Access tailored information relevant to your role and department.
Graphic Instant Answers
Get quick and accurate answers to your specific business questions.
Graphic Empower New Hires
Capture & categorize issues instantly, freeing agents for complex cases.

Unlock Departmental Efficiency with AI Assist's Benefits.


Increased Productivity & Efficiency

Reduce time spent searching for information, allowing employees to focus on key tasks.

Streamline workflows with instant access to department-specific knowledge.

Improved Decision-Making

Make informed decisions with access to accurate and up-to-date information.

Reduce reliance on external knowledge sources, allowing for faster action.


Faster Onboarding & Training

Equip new hires with departmental knowledge for a smoother onboarding experience.

Reduce reliance on senior colleagues for basic questions, maximizing training efficiency.

Reduced Costs & Scalability

Minimize knowledge management costs through centralized information access.

AI Assist scales with your business, readily supporting new departments and employees.


Why Choose Utop?

Graphic No coding
Best simplify the work of a programming team. Fewer steps to build marketing campaigns with available templates.
Graphic Mini CDP Platform
Integrating with a CDP platform allows for the creation of personalized 1-1 lead nurturing and multichannel interaction in real-time.
Graphic Personalized engagement
Interact with shoppers in real-time, shaping their actions through tailored engagement based on individual behavior.

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