Get to know your customer

Target the perfect customer & present each group with content that its members will love to drive higher ROI


Customer management

Transform your business with our Customer Management Function—smart data insights, precision targeting, and dynamic engagement. Unlock growth through automated segmentation and AI-powered recommendations

Graphic Data-Driven Decisions
Real-time insights from our Data Dashboard empower strategic decision-making.
Graphic Precision Targeting
Automated segmentation with FRM ensures efficient and personalized customer targeting.
Graphic Dynamic Engagement
Real-time event-based segmentation and AI Recommendations drive intelligent customer engagement.

Advanced Customer Management


Data Dashboard

The tool synthesizes data into charts, proposing personalized suggestions for potential customers by analyzing consumer behavior correlations to optimize revenue in 1-on-1 marketing campaigns for each group.

Target Your customer With Deep Segmentation

Identify, define, and target your customer with 120+ attributes, including traits, behaviors, preferences, and more.


Segment Your Customers Based On Real-Time Events

By analyzing and predicting user behavior, businesses can target specific customer groups and satisfy them.

Customers who haven't made a purchase within one week.

Customers who have viewed a product three times but haven't made a purchase.

Customers who only make purchases with discount vouchers.

Expanding The Customer Base With AI Recommendations

Thanks to AI, businesses now can expand their customer base by effectively targeting and attracting new customers who possess one or more characteristics of their existing customer base. Reach new customers, and efficiently convert potential customers into actual customers


Why Choose Utop?

Graphic Diversify segmentation criteria
Segment your customers in any way you desire. Use pre-built templates or set up your own segmentation criteria.
Graphic No coding required
Precisely identify the individuals you want to target with simple actions, in just a few minutes.
Graphic Master your customers
Understand customers, utilize data to optimize and personalize marketing activities.

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